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Welcome to Nu Essence Design! I'm Evangeline, owner of Nu Essence Design, and a graphic designer and web developer specializing in meeting the varying needs of small and large businesses. Graphic skills are combined with technical expertise to create the best outcome for each client at competitive prices. We offer a broad range of exceptional graphic design, web design and printing services at reasonable prices. Whether your company or organization requires marketing materials such as brochures, postcards, business cards, or more complex projects like annual reports, directories, large publications or web site development, we can create a product to meet your needs. Go to our services page for more details.

As an artist, I am very conscious of the responsibility that comes with creating words and images that serve a higher purpose. Creativity should be used to put everyone in the best light while also meeting the needs of the client and end-user. This web site provides a small sampling of recent completed projects.

Words and images have a profound effect on our well-being, and it is with pleasure that I use my skills to create designs that inform, enlighten and inspire.

Mission Statement
We are dedicated to assessing client needs and fulfilling those needs in a way that brings light and energy to their business goals. Whether designing a children's book or an interactive web experience, careful time and attention is given.

Personal Mission Statement
Honesty, integrity, dependability, kindness and professionalism are qualities that I hold dear to me as I embrace each day, and I am devoted to bringing the same passion to all services I provide in work and in life.

ServicesThe Many Ways We Can Help You

Web development, interactive media, graphic design and illustration are among the many services offered. Merging graphic design skills with technical expertise provides a unique opportunity to effectively meet numerous project needs in one location. Special attention is given to produce quality work on all levels from concept to completion. Team projects are also developed when necessary; this creates a successful outcome for both the client and the participants, as everyone contributes through their area of expertise.

After the initial project meeting, a development plan is created along with a time line. Each project phase is given a thorough review and testing before final completion. The time needed for project completion varies depending on the project type. If you desire a free quote, please contact us via phone or email, and within 48 hours we will be glad to provide the estimated cost for your desired project along with the estimated turn around time. Your business is important and we are dedicated to creating the best end product for you.

Below are some of the most common projects requested. More details about each one can be found in the next section.

If what you need is not listed here, please do not hesitate to request information as there are so many project options available that we could not list them all. Just specify what you are interested in doing on the Contact page, and we will respond to your request within 2 business days.

This package includes the development of a company logo, business card and letterhead. Branding is very important for every business. A professional image and consistent presentation are key to establishing recognition with your target customers.

This category includes a wide range of promotional items from postcards, tickets, brochures and self-mailers to posters, reports and catalogs. Just specify the project type when contacting us for a Quote Request. This service includes design and printing, or if you have a camera-ready design, we can provide document prep and printing services as needed.

Nu Essence Design can customize a professional web site for you, or if you prefer, provide a basic web site design in a platform that you can edit yourself. We will work with you to make sure the end result meets your project needs. Please contact us for more information.

Social Media is the one of the most effective marketing tools in the current market; however, using social media to market businesses is different than conventional marketing. Yet one thing still remains the same – people are connecting with people. Everything done with social networks should be designed to build trusted relationships with your business partners and customers. We will work with you to create the best online marketing program for your business – one that will enhance your brand and increase your sales.

Build customer loyalty quickly and affordably with Email Marketing; this is the original social networking platform. No time? No problem. We can partner with you to take care of your email marketing needs and help you communicate with your most important assets—your current customers. Let us help you build a better business through customer loyalty and referrals.

This category includes church or organization programs, invitations, company booklets and other small program books. We will work with you to create informative and memorable projects that surpass your organization's expectations. Exceptional printing services are also provided at unbelievable prices. Please check the Printing page for more details.

No time to edit your report to meet the publishing specifications? We can assist you in editing and writing copy that meets your needs. Careful attention is given to composition, grammar, spelling, proofreading, etc. Let us help you translate your thoughts and ideas into stimulating copy that elicits the desired response from your target audience.

This category includes books, newsletters, advertising publications, company publications, etc. Projects are carefully completed with attention to detail. Many different options exist with this category, but we will work with you to create the best possible outcome for your company project.

Black and white or color illustration is available in various mediums such as pen and ink, colored pencil, acrylic and pastels. Building renderings can also be completed.

Illustrations are often a great enhancement to reports, technical documents, instruction manuals, children's books, etc.

LinksYour Source for Creative Connections

Here are links that may be of interest to you! In the spirit of networking, look to this as a source of creative connecting!

Link trading is a great way to support each other's businesses and develop business relationships; it creates a win-win situation.

If you have a non-competing business that offers complimentary services, then Nu Essence Design wants to hear from you.

Simply send us a request via the Contact page with "Link Trade" in the message, and be sure to include the URL that you want posted. We will get back to you via email within two business days, and if approved, we will provide the code to include our link on your web site, and we will post your URL as well. Your web site will be freely listed as long as our web site remains listed on yours. All links are checked periodically.

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